Your trip

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Your trip

is almost here

We're thrilled to welcome you to Casa 'Ohana, our charming 'posada' nestled among the green hills between San Vicente de la Barquera and Comillas. This cozy retreat is the newest addition to Single Fin, fulfilling a long-held dream. All our Single Fin coaching weeks will now take place at Casa 'Ohana. Your stay includes bed linen and towels, with a recommendation to bring a large towel for the beach. Just a 10-minute drive from the beaches, Casa 'Ohana promises a memorable getaway.


Barrio Rioturbio 23, 39528, Rioturbio, Cantabria, España

Nienke Duinmeijer Surfing
Nienke Duinmeijer Surfing

Arrival and Departure

The first day of the coaching week is an arrival day (Sunday). No coaching program is scheduled, and you're free to arrive anytime after 2 PM. Check-out on the departure day (Saturday) is before 10 AM. If desired, you can extend your stay by booking an extra night from Saturday to Sunday.


Our chef ensures that you enjoy healthy, organic, and locally sourced meals that are also delicious. We've recently transitioned to a vegetarian diet for our guests, completely excluding fish or meat from our meals.

However, if you prefer fish or meat, you're free to explore nearby villages for dining options on one evening during your stay. If you have any dietary preferences, allergies, or special requests, please inform us in advance. Drinks are not included in the price but are available for purchase at the end of your stay.



In spring the water temperature is still quite chilly. Especially in April and early May. We recommend you to bring a 4/3 and/or 5/3 and booties. Later in spring a 3/2 could be a nice option for a sunny afternoon.


The water temperature is still quite comfortable. We recommend to bring a 4/3 or 5/3 if you booked for late October - November and a combi of 4/3 and 3/2 if you booked for early/mid October. If you can only bring one wetsuit, we recommend a 4/3. Booties are not necessary.

How To Get Here & Around

Transportation is not included in the package, giving you the flexibility to choose between driving or flying. The closest airports are 'Santander' and 'Bilbao', from where you can easily reach the destination by rental car. We recommend using the 'Easyterra' website to compare and book rental cars. While we've had positive experiences with most car rental companies, we advise against using 'Gold car'.

To promote eco-friendly and cost-effective travel, we encourage carpooling and facilitate communication among participants through a dedicated WhatsApp group. If you prefer not to rent a car and cannot find a carpool, alternative options such as the 'ALSA' bus or taxi are available. Simply contact us for assistance, ensuring you can join someone from the group during the coaching week.

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We have no fixed schedule, as we plan everything around the tides and surf forecast. Each day, we will give you the time schedule for the next day. Some activities, such as a hike in Picos de Europa, are optional to book when you are here.

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Do not forget

a valid passport
copy of your passport
Arrange transport
insurance card
bank card and/or credit card
bank and/or credit card
bank and/or credit card
medicine if needed
Good vibes


You're welcome to bring your own longboard(s) or rent one from us. We offer a variety of longboards, including classic and performance models. If you choose to rent, you can stick with one board throughout the week or switch between different ones to try out.

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© 2024 Single Fin Surf Travel. All rights reserved. Lefts too.

© 2024 Single Fin Surf Travel. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Single Fin Surf Travel. All rights reserved. Lefts too.